Anju Kitahara

Anju Kitahara
is a character in Marmalade Boy.

Featured in one of the manga with just her chararcter design. With that being the only appearance being made by her in the manga. 

A childhood friend of Yuu when he was younger. During that time he was depressed about thinking that he wasn't Youji's son. Anju cheered him up when he was down and was there for him. She was his first love.

Anju preferred to be called by her nickname 'Anne' since she named herself after the character Anne, from the novel Anne of Green Gables. Anju used to have her hair braded just like the character of her favorite novel but she cut her hair short.

Anju has feelings for Yuu, she told this to Miki and confessed to Yuu about how she felt. She knew that she doesn't have a chance with Yuu because he's already in love with Miki. She said that, "I wanna be second to Miki." Anju has a life-threatening heart condition. She was sent to the hospital during Christmas. She lets Yuu spend the Christmas night with Miki. She went to Boston to have her heart operation performed there.

Yuu and Bill stumbled upon her once again in New York. Anju is taking violin lessons.

Anju returned to Japan to visit her father. She then returned to the states afterwards.