Aoi Namura is the son of Meiko Akizuki and Shinichi Namura. He is very popular with the girls in his class and has the highest grades as well. He's in the first year in junior high and he's in Class A. Aoi went to the old library in Toryo High where his parents first met.

He is proud of his mother because she's beautiful and intelligent.

Aoi is currently living with his maternal grandparents in Tokyo while his parents, Meiko and Namura, were still in Hiroshima.


Aoi Namura is a handsome boy who has light hair.


Ritsuuka MatsuuraEdit

He lend Rikka his umbrella after she was waiting for Hajime in the rain. When he learned of her name, he thought that her name is cute.

Hajime KoishikawaEdit

He and Hajime are both in the same class but the two never interacted with one another until Rikka forced Hajime to talk to him. He calls Hajime by his first name because he thinks that Koishikawa is too long.

Meiko AkizukiEdit

She is Aoi's mother who visited him all the way from Hiroshima.

Ginta SuouEdit

Ginta looks out for Aoi because he promised his mother to do so.