Chiyako Koishikawa is Yuu's mother, and former wife of Youji Matsuura. She works for a cosmetics company. She also gets along well with Miki, yet tries to not be pushy on her, which Miki appreciates a lot. She was close to her former boss, Yoshimitsu Miwa, but was perceived to be having an affair with him and her relationship with Jin was ruined. She was pregnant by Jin, but he dumped her before she could tell him and the strain of the situation proved to be too much and she suffered a miscarriage. This led Yuu to think that Youji Matsuura is not his true father.


In the manga, Chiyako works for a maker of Western-style liquor while in the anime, she works for a cosmetics manufacturer.

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Yuu MatsuuraEdit

Yuu is Chiyako's only son she had with Youji. 

Miki KoishikawaEdit

Miki is Chiyako's step daughter. 

Yoshimitsu Miwa Edit

Yoshimitsu Miwa used to be Chiyako's boss at the company that she used to work at. He fell in love with her but she turned him down because she was already dating Jin during her college years. 

Jin KoishikawaEdit

Jin was Chiyako's ex-boyfriend and the two used to date back in college. She and Jin married after she divorced her ex-husband Youji.

Youji MatsuuraEdit

Youji was Chiyako's ex-husband. 

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