Hajime Koishikawa
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation Koishikawa Hajime
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Student
Family Jin Koishikawa (father)
Chiyako Koishikawa (mother)
Miki Koishikawa (half-sister)
Yuu Matsuura (half-brother)
Affiliations Koishikawa-Matsuura family
Saku Koishikawa is the son of Jin and Chiyako Koishikawa. He is the half-brother of Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura.


Physical appearanceEdit

Hajime has dark hair and eyes.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hajime is a quiet boy. He is very intelligent because he already figured out the family tree.


Rikka MatsuuraEdit

His "younger sister". He and Rikka aren't related to each other by blood. Hajime told Rikka at the end of chapter 3 that he never saw her as a sibling.

Sasamiya Rena/SasagawaEdit

A young girl in his class that has a crush on him. She asked him to walk home with her and he didn't seem to mind.

Aoi NamuraEdit

He is Hajime's classmate even though the two don't speak to each other often. Hajime approached Aoi and introduced himself and Rikka to him. He calls Hajime by his first name because he thinks that Koishikawa is too long.

Miki KoishikawaEdit

Miki is Hajime's older sister from his father's side. 

Yuu MatsuuraEdit

Yuu is Hajime's older brother from his mother's side. 

Jin Koishikawa Edit

Jin is Hajime's biological father.

Chiyako KoishikawaEdit

Chiyako is Hajime's biological mother. 

Behind the scenesEdit


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