Jin Koishikawa is Miki's father and an accountant who works at a bank. He married Miki's mother Rumi after breaking up with his old girlfriend Chiyako and helping Rumi over her own break up with her boyfriend Youji. They moved to England and had Miki there, then returned to Japan. Later, he and Rumi re-encounter Chiyako and Youji, reach an agreement, and swap spouses. In the anime television series, Jin Koishikawa is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka in Japanese and Will Barret in English.


Physical appearanceEdit

Jin has black hair and an angular face.

Personality and traitsEdit


Miki Koishikawa -Miki is his only daughter that he had with Rumi.

Rumi -Rumi is his ex-wife.

Chiyako -Chiyako is Jin's current wife.

Behind the scenesEdit