Jinny Golding is an anime character in Marmalade Boy

She only appeared in the anime and wasn't present in the manga. When Yuu first arrived to the dorm, Jinny was immediately smitten by him. Jinny told Miki that she and Yuu had sex and that he was naked even though it was a lie. She went to Yuu and Bill's room by stealing a key from Mr. Rainy's room, the dorm manager. She went to their room to borrow Bill's notes for her Asian History Report due for the next day. Jinny didn't initially felt bad for what she said and did to Miki but Bill slapped her across the face. Jinny felt guilty and apologized to Yuu for what had happened. 

She doesn't like Brian, who was Michael's older

Jinny Golding in the anime.

brother. Jinny doesn't even want to be Brian's friend.

In episode 69, while Jinny was gliding, she saw Bill and Anju talking to one another at the beach. Seeing them together bothered her so much that she couldn't sleep because of it. Bill confessed his love to her and she reciprocated. She began dating him since then. 

Jinny has light blonde hair and blue eyes. She is mostly seen wearing red pants and a black tank top.