Kei Tsuchiya (土屋 蛍 Tsuchiya Kei) is Miki's coworker at Bobson's ice cream parlor who is a talented but troubled pianist.


He also falls in love with Miki, and tries to use Miki's lost medallion to cause Yuu to think Miki doesn't want him anymore. This fails however, as Yuu sees through his lies and, though he fights with Miki, they make up. Miki yells at Kei for his immaturity, and forgives him. After some convincing by Miki to regain his confidence in music, Kei quits his job at Bobson's ice cream parlor and says goodbye to Miki, promising to return soon. He is later seen in the regular company of Suzu who started following him after seeing him play the piano. Later, Kei began to grow some feelings for Suzu.

In the anime, a much more mature Kei reappears later, offering Miki his sincere and unconditional support after Yuu goes to study abroad. He says he does not need to have Miki forgetting Yuu completely, since he's happy to help her through her ordeal. Miki appreciates his company and even dates him briefly, but he cannot compete with Yuu.

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Kei is shown to be quiet.  He is a typical loner with dark blue hair and eyes He does care but it not quick to show it.


Miki KoishikawaEdit

Kei first laid his eyes on Miki when she was at the warehouse trying to get some chocolate chips. Miki tripped and fell on him. 

He is able to open up to her. 

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