Marmalade Boy is a Japanese anime series based on the manga by Wataru Yoshizumi. The series aired from March 13, 1994 to September 3, 1995 with a total of seventy-six episodes. On March 4, 1995, a short film was released and acts as a prequel to the anime.

The anime was first released in a total of seventeen VHS tapes and later released in Laser Disc. In 2003, the anime was released in three box sets. Finally in 2012, it was re-released for it's 20th anniversary. Tokyopop also published the anime in four box sets in North America.

The opening theme was "Egao ni Aitai" by Rie Hamada. It's ending theme songs were "Suteki na Serenade" by Miho Fujiwara, "Kareha Iro no Crescendo" by Yasuhiro Mizushima, and "Yoake no Etude" by Yoko Ichikawa. The insert song, "Moment" was sung by Mizuki Miyu.


Title card Episode # Title Airdate
Title-1 1 "There is Love, He's Handsome: But I Can't Forgive Them"
March 13, 1994
Title-2 2 "Side Effects of a Kiss: He Doesn't Understand My Feelings"
March 20, 1994
Title-3 3 "Two Kisses: Yuu Had a Girlfriend"
March 27, 1994
Title-4 4 "Ginta's Confession: I Won't Let You Have Her"
April 3, 1994
Title-5 5 "Legendary Girlfriend: Making a Wish on a Medallion"
April 10, 1994
150px 6 "Love Game: I Really Hate Ginta"
April 17, 1994
150px 7 "Love in Hokkaido: What's Going on With That Couple"
April 24, 1994
150px 8 "Fragrance of an Adult: I'm Not Jealous"
May 1, 1994
150px 9 "Part Time Job: The War of Love Depends on Sales"
May 8, 1994
150px 10 "Our First Night: Surprise in the Bathroom"
May 15, 1994
150px 11 "Birthday: Yuu Is Watching Me!"
May 22, 1994
150px 12 "Smash: I Love Both Yuu and Ginta"
May 29, 1994
150px 13 "Love and Friendship: Ginta, Please Date Arimi"
June 5, 1994
150px 14 "Qualification of Love: You Don't Deserve Yuu"
June 12, 1994
150px 15 "Meiko's Secret: I Want to Know About Your Feelings"
June 19, 1994
150px 16 "A Man's Decision: Na-Chan, Please Don't Quit"
June 26, 1994
150px 17 "Meiko's Separation: I Can't Say Goodbye"
July 3, 1994
150px 18 "The Direction of Yuu's Love: Things Aren't Going as Planned"
July 10, 1994
150px 19 "Disturbed by the Family Register: Don’t' Say It's Ridiculous"
July 17, 1994
150px 20 "Doubtful Twosome: Yuu and Miwa are a Couple"
July 24, 1994
150px 21 "Trip to Karuizawa: Just as I Thought - Strange"
July 31, 1994
150px 22 "Double Date: We Like Each Other, but Don't Understand Each Other"
August 7, 1994
150px 23 "Impact of a Confession: Yuu What Are You Talking About"
August 14, 1994
150px 24 "The Secret of Yuu's Birth: I Can't Leave Yuu Alone"
August 21, 1994
150px 25 "Real Kiss: I Love You, Yuu"
August 28, 1994
150px 26 "New Anxiety: I'm Too Afraid to Be Happy"
September 4, 1994
150px 27 "Love Worries: How Long Will This Happiness Last"
September 11, 1994
150px 28 "Unstable Feelings: I'm Going to Get a Part Time Job"
September 18, 1994
150px 29 "Obstacle of Love: I Can't Find the Medallion"
September 25, 1994
150px 30 "Rival : I Love You, Yuu"
October 2, 1994
150px 31 "Suzu and Kei: These Two Make Me Nervous"
October 9, 1994
150px 32 "Love at the School Festival: Yuu and Kei's Concert"
October 16, 1994
150px 33 "Lost Love: I Love You"
October 23, 1994
150px 34 "Breakup Premonition: The Halloween Conspiracy"
October 30, 1994
150px 35 "Crossing Each Other's Path: You Mean We Are Going to Break Up"
November 13, 1994
150px 36 "I'm Alone: I'll Make You Forget Him"
November 20, 1994
150px 37 "Tearful Reunion: I Thought It was Over Between Us"
November 27, 1994
150px 38 "Anju's Feelings: I Want to Be Next in Line to Miki"
December 4, 1994
150px 39 "A Bitter Love: I've Loved Yuu for a Long Time"
December 11, 1994
150px 40 "A Holy Night: I'm Alone on Christmas Eve"
December 18, 1994
150px 41 "The Morning of Lovers: Merry Christmas"
December 25, 1994
150px 42 "New Year's Eve Pattern of Love: It's Going to Be a Wonderful Year"
January 8, 1995
150px 43 "Ski Trip: I Won't Let You Two Be Alone"
January 15, 1995
150px 44 "Our Future: Yuu's Dream, My Dream"
January 22, 1995
150px 45 "Meiko's Turnabout: I'm Going to Hiroshima"
January 29, 1995
150px 46 "To Hiroshima: Let Me Be by Your Side Again"
February 5, 1995
150px 47 "Couple on the beach: Because I Care About You"
February 12, 1995
150px 48 "The Flavor of Chocolate: Sweet and Bitter Valentine"
February 19, 1995
150px 49 "The Shape of Love: It's Difficult to Be Happy"
February 26, 1995
150px 50 "The Foreign Exchange Student Appears: Micheal Is…Strange"
March 5, 1995
150px 51 "Love Triangle: Someone's Messing Thing's Up…"
March 12, 1995
150px 52 "Making a Decision Under the Moonlight: Yuu Don't Leave Me Alone!"
March 19, 1995
150px 53 "Making a Memory: I Won't Regret It if Anything Happens"
March 26, 1995
150px 54 "New Life: Yuu I Wonder How You're Doing"
April 2, 1995
150px 55 "Ripples Again: New York Is Too Far Away"
April 9, 1995
150px 56 "Lost Pathway to Love: My Boyfriend Is Yuu But…"
April 16, 1995
150px 57 "Passing Each Other: I'm So Lonely, I Can't Be Patient Anymore!"
April 23, 1995
150px 58 "Tone of a Love Confession: I Want You to See Me as a Man"
April 30, 1995
150px 59 "An Uneasy Weekend: I Want to Hear Yuu's Voice"
May 7, 1995
150px 60 "My Love Is Far Away: Yuu Is in Front of Me"
May 14, 1995
150px 61 "New York Trap: Yuu, Was I Stupid?"
May 21, 1995
150px 62 "Goodbye: I Can't Be Your Girlfriend Anymore"
May 28, 1995
150px 63 "Holding Back the Tears: I Want to Be Alone"
June 4, 1995
150px 64 "A Pair's Problems: I Want to Hear Your Voice"
June 11, 1995
150px 65 "Solid Decision : Miki…I'll Take Her"
June 18, 1995
150px 66 "New Choice: You Don't Have to Forget Him"
June 25, 1995
150px 67 "Friends: I Need Kei!"
July 2, 1995
150px 68 "Indecisive Lovers: Goodbye Ginta"
July 9, 1995
150px 69 "The Courage to Love: I've Decided"
July 16, 1995
150px 70 "I'm Home: What Kind of Face Should I Put on to Meet Him?"
July 23, 1995
150px 71 "A Night of Stars and the Moon: Although We're Near Each Other…I'm Lonely"
July 30, 1995
150px 72 "Half Brother and Sister: Our Happiness Is Breaking Down"
August 6, 1995
150px 73 "Farewell: I Had to Do It…"
August 13, 1995
150px 74 "A Box of Memories: Bye Bye Yuu"
August 20, 1995
150px 75 "Brother and Sister: We Have to Be Separate"
August 27, 1995
150px 76 "Departure: Our Love Progresses"
September 3, 1995

Cast and charactersEdit

Character Japanese English
Miki Koishikawa Mariko Kōda Michelle Ruff
Yuu Matsuura Ryōtarō Okiayu Michael Lindsay
Ginta Suou Junichi Kanemaru Yuri Lowenthal
Meiko Akizuki Wakana Yamazaki Kate Davis
Satoshi Miwa Shinichiro Ōta Jack Aubree
Shinichi Namura Tōru Furuya Jack Aubree
Arimi Suzuki Aya Hisakawa Carrie Savage
Kei Tsuchiya Akira Ishida Henry Banks
Suzu Sakuma Sakura Tange Mia Bradly
Tsutomu Rokutanda Kazunari Tanaka Tom Gibis
Michael Grant Hikaru Midorikawa
Jinny Golding Yuka Koyama Tara Platt
Rumi Matsuura Yoko Kawanami Wendee Lee
Jin Koishikawa Hideyuki Tanaka Will Barrett
Chiyako Koishikawa Hiroko Emori Cindy Robinson
Youji Matsuura Bin Shimada Conner Holly

Home video releaseEdit



Original VHS tapes

Marmalade Boy was first released on seventeen VHS tapes throughout 1995 and 1996 in Japan. It was later released on two Laser Discs.[1]

In 2003, it was released in three box sets. On October 24, 2012, the 20th anniversary box set of Marmalade Boy was released.

Cover Box set # Release date Episodes Discs
DVD-1 1 May 2, 2003[2] 1-25 5
DVD-2 2 September 26, 2003[3] 26-50 5
Placeholder other 3 December 26, 2003[4] 51-76 5
Anniversary-Box Anniversary October 24, 2012[5] 1-76 14


Tokyopop released the English dubbed version of Marmalade Boy from 2002 to 2005 under the title, "Ultimate Scrapbook." Tokyopop later lost the license to the first twenty-four episodes, and now the anime is out of print.

Cover Box set # Release date Episodes Discs
SB-1 1 July 23, 2002[6] 1-19 3
SB-2 2 October 26, 2004[7] 20-37 3
SB-3 3 January 25, 2005[8] 38-55 3
SB-4 4 April 26, 2005[9] 56-76 3


Six singles related to Marmalade Boy were released in Japan during the 90s. The first, "Egao ni Aitai" is the opening theme of the anime. The others are "Moment," "Karebairo Not Growing," "Saigo no Yakusoku," "Yoake no Etude," and "Melody - Dakishimete."

There are eight soundtracks for the Marmalade Boy anime, Music Monlogue from Miki, Message for Lovers, Marmalade Voice!, Love Affairs, Marmalade Face!, The Étude of Dawn, Marmalade Summer, and Final Edition. A Marmalade Boy: Best Album, also known as Single Collection, was released. Finally, Marmalade Boy Zenkyokushu was published in 2003. Zenkyokushu includes the opening and endings.

Another CD titled Chara Oshaberi Time was given to those who bought Marmalade Voice! at the time. Three other CDs, titled Sweet Bitter were paired with the Japanese DVD boxes.