Marmalade Boy
Film information
Director Akinori Yabe
Based on
Music by
Editing by
Studio Toei Animation
Distributed by
Release date March 4, 1995
Running time 26 min.

Marmalade Boy (ママレード·ボーイ Mamarēdo Bōi) is a prequel film of 1994 anime adaptation of Marmalade Boy. It was released on March 4, 1995 and directed by Akinori Yabe.


The short film began when Yuu kissed Miki at the infirmary while she pretended to be asleep. Miki woke up pretty soon, blushed, and covered her lips.

Yuu walked away after he had kissed Miki and believed that she must be panicking but according to him, the kiss felt natural.

It all started two weeks ago when his parents announced that they are getting a divorce, switch partners with the Koishikawas, and then remarry. They told him that both him and Miki were to stay in their father's custody so their last names would stay the same. This upsets Yuu dearly but he told his parents that he doesn't mind. The next day, he told his parents that he has to go to work even though it was his day off. He took the train, walked to the streets, and went to the alley. He stumbled upon a mother and a child who was on the slides. Then he walked to the park and first saw Miki practicing tennis all by herself. Yuu was struck by her beauty and fell in love with her at first sight. Miki missed the ball, sat on the bench, and covered her head with a towel. A group of kids showed up out of nowhere called Gastman and pointed their water guns at her, believing she's a towel monster. Miki then scared the kids and chased after them. This made Yuu laugh so hard. After Miki and the kids left, Yuu noticed the wristband and picked it up from the ground. The wristband had the initials M.K. written on it.

He went to his workplace called the Junk Jungle and asked Tenshou for a cup of coffee. The two had a talk and Tenshou could tell that there was something wrong with Yuu. He saw Miki again at the sidewalk and decided to follow her. He learned her name when Meiko mentioned her name and the Gastman kids mentioned her last name Koishikawa. Yuu looked at the initials and realized that the girl he had just saw was going to be his stepsister. He continued to follow Miki at the park where she and Meiko brought ice cream; when they were petting the dogs; in the grocery store where Miki almost made the boxes of cookies fall off and when Miki and Meiko were talking to two foreigners. The American man noticed Yuu was staring at her from the other side. Yuu ran before Miki could see him.

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