Marmalade Boy
Game information
Developers Tom Create[1]
Publishers Bandai Entertainment
Platforms Game Boy
Super Famicon
Release date January 27, 1995[2] (Game Boy)
April 21, 1995 (Super Famicon)
Genres Dating simulation

Marmalade Boy is a dating simulation video game based on the anime adaptation of Marmalade Boy. It was released by Bandai for the Nintendo Game Boy on January 27, 1995.[2]

On April 21, 1995, a Super Famicon version of the game was released in Japan.



Super Famicon cover

The player assumes the role of Miki Koishikawa and pick one out of three suitors: Yuu Matsuura, Ginta Suou, or Kei Tsuchiya.[3]

Meiko Akizuki seems to assume the role of narrator. The player is able to visit various places such as Toryo High School and Bobson's. They can also chat with other characters, including Arimi Suzuki, Suzu Sakuma, and Satoshi Miwa.

The Super Famicon version of the game keeps the premise of the Game Boy version, and follows the basic plot of the anime.

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Super Famicon



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