This character appears only in the anime and is considered non-canon.

This article covers a character that has been deemed non-canon as it does not involve the manga. Thus it cannot be considered "real" to the rest of the Marmalade Boy universe.

Ryoko Momoi
Character information
Name in Japanese 桃井亮子
Romaji translation Momoi Ryōko
Gender Female
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Occupations Teacher
Affiliations Toryo High School

Ryoko Momoi (桃井亮子 Momoi Ryōko) is a teacher at Toryo High School as well as the tennis couch for the girls team. She has feelings for Namura ever since they were in high school, even though she was dating Takuji Kijima (known as Tenshou) at that time. When she found out about Namura and Meiko's relationship, it crushed her. She was also upset about the fact that he resigned as a teacher and she replaced Namura as the homeroom teacher for the second year, class B. Namura asked her to keep an eye out for Meiko while he's still in Hiroshima. Ryoko went to Hiroshima once to visit Namura. Ryoko told Namura how she felt but he turned her down because he's still not over Meiko. Namura told Meiko that he's dating Ryoko even though it was a lie. She later revealed to Satoshi that she was never Namura's girlfriend. After finding out that Meiko and Miki went to Hiroshima to talk to Namura, she and Satoshi went there as well. She had witnessed Satoshi punched Namura in the face so many times before he hit Meiko by accident. Namura and Meiko got back together and they kissed which hurt Ryoko even further. She went home and cried alone in her own apartment.

Akira started to like her but she told him that she needed time to get over Namura. At the end of the animated series, Ryoko is seen with Akira, her ex-boyfriend's wife's younger brother.

Ryoko is concerned about Miki and her well-being; knowing the Miki is devastated after Yuu left for New York. Ryoko had asked Miki to get a part-time job at Rei's shop in order to distract her. 

Ryoko doesn't appear in the manga and only appeared in the anime.

She has short, curly, light brown hair.