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Stella Huang
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Gender Female
Born December 17, 1980
Occupations Singer, actress
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Stella Huang (黃湘怡 Huáng Xiāng Yí, born December 17, 1980), also known as Stella, is a singer and actress born in Singapore. She works primarily in Taiwan.

Apart from her duties as a recording artist, she also acts for a variety of television serials in Taiwan and Singapore. Some of her serials have included a lead role as Sam in MediaCorp's Beautiful Trio with award-winning veteran actresses Huang Biren and Ivy Lee, and a role in the China action film Kung Fu Girls, where she also performed the theme song of the soundtrack to the film.

She starred as the lead character in the 2002 television series Marmalade Boy, for which she also sang the theme song, "Wen Shi De Hua".


Early lifeEdit

Stella Huang was born on December 17, 1980 in Singapore. She was educated at Crescent Girls' School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, and National University of Singapore.


She made her acting debut in Marmalade Boy and co-starred along with F4's, Ken Chu. She also sang the drama's theme song, "Wen Shi De Hua." She later went on to star in a few other dramas, such as Beautiful Trio and Baseball Love Affair. Her singing career began in 2001. She later released three albums.

In 2005, Stella decided to take a break from showbiz. She set up a specialty cake shop in Taipei under the Awfully Chocolate franchise, investing S$200,000 into the business with a partner. In 2007, Awfully Chocolate terminated the franchise and sued her company. A court order required Stella to pay approximately $224,000 but due to non-payment by her, the cake firm issued a letter of statutory demand to her in January 2009. Stella set up her own bakery "Black As Chocolate" after the termination of her franchisee licence from Awfully Chocolate.

Personal lifeEdit

In August 2011, Stella married businessman Armstrong Yeh in Vancouver, Canada. She gave birth to a son named Ashton in August 8, 2012.


  • Waiting (等 Deng; 2001)
  • Courier of Love (快遞愛情 Kuai Di Ai Qing; 2002)
  • Rhapsody (西班牙狂想曲 Kuang Xiang Qu; 2004)


Television dramasEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2002 Marmalade Boy Guang Xi Main role
2004 Beautiful Trio Samantha
2005 Beyond The Axis of Truth II
Baseball Love Affair Xu Jia Lei
2012 Gentle Mercy Zhao Fei Main role


Year Title Role Notes
2003 Kung Fu Girls